What is a condensing boiler?

All modern boilers sold after April 2005 must be condensing by law. Modern boilers are able to achieve super high efficiency levels of up to 99% because they are “condensing”. In comparison non-condensing boilers that can only achieve up to 78% efficiency.

Condensing Boilers Expliained

Why are condensing boilers so efficient?

Condensing boilers are up to 99% efficient because the remove more of the heat from the flue gases before they leave the boiler. In comparison old inefficient boilers spill a large proportion of the heat straight out through the flue into the outside.

How do condensing boilers work?

The hot flue gases are cooled by the central heating water to extract the heat. This causes the gases to “condense”. Imagine the hot air inside of your card cooling against your cold windscreen. This transfers the heat from the warm car to the cold screen and causes condensation to appear on the screen. This is the exact same process occurring inside of your boiler.

What is a condensate pipe?

A condensate pipe is the 21.5mm pipe (usually white) underneath all condensing boilers that safely removes the condensation water from the boiler. This is important because the condensate waste pipe needs to be installed from new if there is no one already in place. The pipe needs to be installed in accordance with building regulations BS 6798.

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