Ideal Logic+ vs Ideal Logic Max

What is the difference between the Ideal Logic+ and the Ideal Logic Max? They both look the same. They both have the same features. They both have the same display. They both have the same PCB. They both have the same Gas Valve and they both have the same Heat Exchanger. Have you guessed it yet?

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Yes, that's right... They are both exactly the same boiler.

Ok, so what's the catch. Well it's down the filter and the guarantee. With the Logic Max you have to install the Ideal Branded magnetic filter. This upgrades the guarantee to the MAXimum level of 10 years in comparison to 7 years with the Logic plus.

It sounds like a no-brainer right?

The ideal filter costs around £150 extra which is overpriced by around £70. So essentially you are paying £70 for an extra three years warranty. Which in my eyes is a pretty good deal. However, be careful not to full into a common trap..!

The extra warranty isn't worth a penny if you don't get the boiler installed correctly and serviced every year. Ideal love to void your warranty if you accidently miss one of your annual services or if your boiler hasn't been installed to the letter in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. You would be surprised how many warranties end up being cancelled by Ideal due to incorrect installation or lack of servicing... the number we have heard rumoured is well over 50%!

To summarise...

The Ideal Logic Max is the exact same boiler as the Ideal Logic Plus however the Ideal Logic Max comes with the Ideal magnetic filter and an extra three years warranty.

This is well worth the extra cost so long as you have the boiler installed correctly and have the boiler serviced every year. Here at The Boiler Store we back up our installation with ongoing maintenance to help ensure you don't fall into the void warranty trap.

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