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Installation will be carried out by our team of gas safe qualifed installers.
After the installation we are there to answer any questions and help you make the most of your boiler. We also provide a range of support options to ensure your boiler is correctly maintain and continues to perform year after year.

Gas Safe

Our experienced teams of Gas Safe installers will take their time to get things right and take complete care of your home during the installation.

Boilers built
to last

We only fit ATAG Boilers and here are a few of the reasons why.

Built to last

We only fit ATAG Boilers - precision engineered and built to last from high quality components and a lifetime guarantee on the unique heat exchanger.

Super Efficient

ATAG's ‘i’ range of boilers are the most efficient in Europe. Not only are they the most energy efficient boilers in Europe, they also have the lowest NOx emissions meaning they’re kinder to the environment.

10 Years Warranty

Buying a new boiler is a considerable investment and you need to be sure that it’s going to keep you warm for years to come. That’s why all of our boilers comes with a 10 year warranty on all parts and labour.

iCon Heat Exchanger

The heat exchange is the engine of your boiler. The unique ATAG iCon Heat Exchanger is made with high grade stainless steel, not only does it outperform everything else on the market, it also carries a lifetime replacement guarantee.

From the ATAG range of products

The IC Economiser 39

Suitable for large homes with more than one bathroom. ATAG iC Economiser Plus combination boiler with hot water flow rates at 17.0 litres per minute @ 35°C temperature rise.

Our iC Economiser Plus has been described as the combi of the future because it contains an industry leading innovation – our patented Economiser.

Some years ago our design engineers realised there was untapped residual heat left in the boiler after hot water had been heated. Rather than release this energy as waste, they engineered the Economiser, an environmentally friendly innovation that recycles the flue gases for a second time, resulting in optimum energy efficiency.


  • Compact dimensions (mm) h700 X w440 X d355
  • A 275 mm (deep) model is available to fit inside kitchen cupboards
  • Standard 10 year warranty
  • Powered by the unique iCon heat exchanger with a lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Instant hot water with pre-heat facility
  • Built in Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device
  • Comes with an outside weather compensator as standard
  • Achieves ErP ‘A’ rating for heating and hot water
  • 17 Litres/Min Flow rate @ 35°C Rise
  • Completely user friendly